Why Do Some Websites Convert Better Than Others?

Why Do Some Websites Convert Better Than Others?

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Have you ever wondered why some websites convert better than other ones?


It’s not because they have better products or services. And it’s not because they’re a more well known brand than the competition.

In fact, what conversions come down to are the micro-moments that determine whether potential customers see your business as a professional option, or not.

Whether you’re running an eCommerce store or selling services online, if you want to turn your website into a conversion machine that turns leads into sales while you sleep, here are 10 tips to start performing at the highest level.

#1 Do Not Use Carousels 

Carousels are a terrible idea for any website that seeks to have better conversion rates. People have little to no patience; thus, they will not take the time to review all the slides of your carousel.

Therefore, why invest in such if the visitors do not see the need to look at them?

While images are important, use them to break up copy. Consumers in 2019 are scanners so large, high-quality images can help to make your message more powerful.

BONUS TIP: High-quality images may slow your web page down if not properly compressed. Use free tools like Tiny Panda to compress images without losing quality.

#2 Avoid Big Headers. Go Straight To The Point

Sometimes, simplicity prevails. In fact it is one of the basics of effective web design. Studies have shown smaller header may elevate your conversions. The big headers will have an opposite effect mostly because they push the content down the page.

The large size of your headers becomes more of an issue with an increasing amount of people browsing businesses on their mobile phones. What may look like regular sized font on a desktop can dominate the small screen of a smartphone, and quickly create an unfriendly user experience that drives people away.

According to entrepreneur Jermaine Clarke, you can take this a step further by replacing headers with videos. He explains “by adding a video to my banner I was able to increase time on site, which has helped me increase conversions. Videos have a higher engagement than traditional text, and with people watching videos on their mobiles more and more, this can be a simple way to cut down on clutter without losing your core message.”

#3 Integrate The First Step Of Any Targeted Interaction

While having a button that redirects a visitor to the form may work, it is not as effective as integrating the first step of the form on the top section of the page. If you have a form with one or two fields, then you can incorporate it in full on the page. Such a measure applies for price simulators, subscriptions, dealer locators, and asking quotes.

#4 Give Your Visitors Clear Instructions

Your visitors may, at times, need a helping hand when on your website. Help them know what they need to do, even if it is for something as simple and locating a link. Given this, you should make sure that every link looks like a valid, working link.

Remember, simplicity is key. The more steps you add in any single conversion process, the more you increase the chances of people bouncing from your site.

#5 Make Choosing An Easy Process 

It is natural for customers to want to compare the series of similar products or services that you present to them. However, they do not expect to put in too much effort on their part when making the comparison. Make it easy for them to decide which products or solutions best suit their needs.

You can do this by limiting your options. Instead of an endless list of products, offer a handful with clear benefits to each. This will also help you when optimising your product or service pages to avoid cannibalization.

This is a tactic used by eCommerce entrepreneurs Tierra Alma, they explain “while we have a lengthy product inventory list, we simplify the process by using large, quality images in place of long lists. This simplifies each page and provides a way for customers to browse without feeling overwhelmed.”

#6 Use Bullet Lists

Bullet lists give a better emphasise to things than plain, full sentences. With people consuming content through scanning, bullet points create breaks for the eye and allow people to land on the valuable information they are looking for the most.

In addition, separate paragraphs into no more than 3 sentences. This will help to make info readily available and is the simplest way to turn a block of text into an inviting read.

Wondering how your website stacks up? Check out this simple guide for the warning signs that your site is in need of an upgrade.

#7 Include An Encouraging Message To Every Button

It is possible to increase conversions by adding a reassuring note before an action button.

Visitors tend to hesitate when they are just about to place an order or subscribe. You can help them overcome their doubt and hesitation by placing the reassuring note next to the button.

Think “100% Risk Free” or ‘Money Back Guarantee” as examples

#8 Repeat Your Call-To-Action At The Bottom Of The Page 

The action button should be at the bottom of the web page as well as the top. Think of it this way; the further down the viewers have to scroll when enthralled by your content, the more interested they get about what you have to offer. Seal the deal when they reach the end of the page by encouraging them to take action.

Showing the value of multiple CTA’s, small business owners at Bargain Bins added more call-to-actions to stop visitors bouncing. They note “while our traffic was strong, our conversions were poor. We realised we weren’t giving people enough chances to convert. By adding CTA’s throughout the page, and a large CTA at the bottom, the message was reinforced and we saw conversions increase.”

#9 Explain Why You Ask Something 

If you make an inquiry, then you need to explain your reasons for it in the web forms. It will convince visitors to fill out the form aside from deciding to buy your product or service. By explaining why you ask something, you take away any insecurities and doubts that the visitor may have.

#10 Combine These Tips For A Maximum Result 

The more you implement these tips individually and collectively, the more your conversion rate is bound to increase.

While there is no magic formula to increase conversions, the steps on this list represent the best practices that – when paired with a product people want and an engaged audience – can turn prospects into customers time after time.

Author Bio:

Eric Vance is an Australian freelance writer. Eric is passionate about his craft. He also has a love for pets, Eric regularly takes her pet dog for a walk in the park.

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Founded in 2015, Elegant Web Services is a full-service Internet Marketing, Web Design agency based in Sydney, creating winning solutions for businesses and professionals who want to build or improve their presence online.

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